Pang Wangle

High Waist Contour Insect Shield® Leggings in Breathable Organic Cotton

Color: Navy

Do bugs love you? Put away the bug spray and protect your skin with an odorless bug barrier.

Dressed up or down, these soft versatile leggings are perfect for a tropical vacation, outdoor party, yoga, trail running, hiking, horse-back riding, camping, glamping, gardening, bird watching, or a picnic. Anywhere the bugs will bug you.

The high waist and comfortable compression are flattering on any shape. (Please view the Size Chart and size up if needed.) Sustainably made in the USA.

First developed for the U.S. military, Insect Shield® is an EPA approved technology that binds a small amount of active ingredient - permethrin - into the fabric fibers. 

  • Odorless
  • Lasts 70+ washes
  • Repels mosquitoes, ticks, flies, ants, chiggers, and midges
  • EPA approved for everyone, including pregnant or nursing women, infants, even pets
  • Easy care, just wash and wear

Made in the USA. 90% Certified Organic Cotton + 10% Spandex. 

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