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Prepare for Adventure

The Journey Scarf


/paNG waNGlə/  v.   1. To go along cheerfully despite minor misfortunes.

Optimistic Outdoor Apparel

Pang Wangle celebrates adventure with soft, light, bug repellent apparel made from recycled materials. We are filmmakers who work and play outdoors, so check out our original stories about interesting people doing cool things outside. Sign up for our newsletter and receive 25% off your entire order, plus free shipping in the continental U.S. 

We're Committed

The apparel industry is one of the biggest polluters on the planet. Just by choosing to buy sustainable clothing, consumers can help solve this problem. 

The Journey Scarf originates in a solar-powered facility in North Carolina where discarded plastic is sorted by color. The plastic is spun into fine polyester yarn and blended with cotton to create a knit jersey fabric. No carbon emissions are generated and no dyes are used - the color of the fabric comes from the recycled item.

Beer Bottle Brown is made from plastic beer bottles. Soda Pop Green, plastic 7-Up and Sprite Bottles. Rethink Pink comes from ketchup bottles and cotton. Food Tray Black? You got it.

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