No one likes bug bites. Bug spray isn't so great either. Offer your customers effortless protection from biting insects; a break from sticky, toxic bug spray; and the freedom to enjoy the outdoors safely.

Bug habitats are spreading and insect-borne diseases are on the rise worldwide. Our luxe fabrics contain an odorless insect barrier that lasts 70+ washes and it's safe for the entire family, including infants and pregnant or nursing women.

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Until then, take a look at our product video to see our selection of soft, sustainable wraps, scarved, leggings, and other forms of insect repellent clothing. 

/paNG waNGlə/  v.   1. To go along cheerfully despite minor misfortunes.  n.  2. Outdoor clothing brand, maker of soft, light, insect repellent clothing.

Made in the USA | Woman-Owned | Feared by Mosquitoes & Ticks