Whether you're vacationing in the tropics, or just walking your dog, Pang Wangle takes care of you everywhere you go. 

Pang Wangle definition to go along cheerfully despite minor misfortunes, model wearing insect shield clothing walking on a pier, hands raised

Pang Wangle is reinventing outdoor leisure wear by adding bug repellent technology into timeless, earth-friendly clothes, giving you effortless protection from biting bugs; a break from sticky, toxic bug spray; and freedom to enjoy nature in peace.


Getting outdoors is good for your health. It boosts endorphins, lowers cortisol, and improves mental clarity. But insect habitats are spreading, thanks to global warming. And diseases spread by insects are on the rise.

Pang Wangle insect shield clothing brand with model walking a bike wearing optimist pants bug repellent leggings and a faded denim essential wrap with Insect Shield, and text quote overlaid says "EPA approved odorless protection lasts 70+ washes."

Our Insect Shield® Clothing repels mosquitoes, ticks, flies, fleas, chiggers, ants, midges. Best of all, it's EPA approved for everyone, including infants, pregnant or nursing women, even pets.


Compared to spraying, fogging, or topical insect repellents, our Insect Shield clothing can help reduce overall pesticide and repellent use. And it puts the repellent next to your skin, not on it.



Jennifer John, Founder & CEO

Founder and CEO of Pang Wangle, an insect shield clothing company Jennifer John in New Orleans, Louisiana

What's that perfume you're wearing? Oh that's bug spray. I've had this conversation too many times. As a lifelong mosquito magnet with a healthy fear of ticks, I found myself carrying it around in my purse and sometimes slathering it on day and night - to walk the dogs, sit on the porch, or go to an outdoor party. It collects fuzz and glitter and it smells, y'all. And it's really not good for the environment.

I searched for a better solution and found this innovative Insect Shield technology, which was developed 2 decades ago for the U.S. military. But the clothes felt heavy, utilitarian, and they were not very sustainably made. With Pang Wangle, we're creating a line of classic, elegant styles in lightweight, earth-friendly fabrics you can dress up or down and wear every day. I hope you'll stay with us on this journey because we have beautiful things to come.

Pang Wangle is a vintage American phrase meaning "to go along cheerfully, despite minor misfortunes." It reflects our optimist approach to enjoying the outdoors - despite those little bloodsuckers - with the right clothes and the right attitude. 

Pang Wangle bug repellent apparel model wearing optimist pants insect shield leggings and essential wrap in rust, quote overlay reads: Recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and World Health Organization

We are deeply committed to an ethical and sustainable supply chain. Our custom high performance fabrics are made from either natural and renewable fibers, or recycled water bottles.



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