Jennifer John Pang Wangle Founder and CEO New Orleans filmmaker in Audubon Park wearing Nautica Palm Straw Hat

Jennifer John, Founder & CEO

      I'm a documentary filmmaker, passionate about outdoor adventure and committed to sustainable design. Over the years working and playing out in the elements, I saw a real need for more versatile, stylish, eco-friendly apparel made for hot, buggy climates. Welcome to Pang Wangle.

      Ahead of outdoor workouts or just outdoor work, I have doused myself in bug spray. With Insect Shield, the bug repellent is next to your skin, not on it. And it really works. (Check out our FAQ on Insect Shield®).

     I'm always inspired by people who take their outdoor hobbies to the next level. So we're telling their stories with short films and an adventure blog Dispatches. What’s your story? Sign up for our newsletter and shoot us a line. We would love to hear from you!


Vanessa Trice Blais pang wangle sales and development director

Vanessa Blais, Director of Sales & Development

      A few years ago I took a trip to India. Right before I left the US, I discovered I had a huge problem. I needed to be able to go from work events, to social gatherings to holy sites. I needed to look polished. I needed to not get eaten alive by bugs. I sprayed my clothes with insect repellent (it took forever and only lasted 6 washes) and also bought bug repellent hiking pants. I ended up not wearing the hiking pants because they were too casual to go from day to night events.

      Fast forward to 2019 when I met Jen I realized she was making exactly what I needed.  And she was committed to sustainability? Yes please! I immediately jumped at the opportunity to lead the charge in business development (which is my background). 

      I’m also an avid hiker and yogi, and have been known to be that person at the party with bug repellent in her purse. I recently outfitted my mother with Pang Wangle Journey scarves for a trip to Ghana. My mother is allergic to the yellow fever vaccine and needed to be extra careful. I am happy to report she didn’t receive any bites and also looked quite stylish as she hiked and visited Accra and Kumasi. 

      Please reach out for wholesale, partnerships, corporate gifts, trade shows at