About the Founder

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Hi! I'm Jennifer John. I'm a documentary filmmaker, passionate about outdoor adventure and committed to sustainable design. Over the years working and playing out in the elements, I saw a real need for more versatile, stylish, eco-friendly apparel made for hot, buggy climates. Welcome to Pang Wangle!

We've partnered with Insect Shield to add odorless, effective and safe bug repellent right into our garments. Zika virus and Lyme disease are real threats and on the rise. But don't let fear of disease-carrying bugs keep you trapped indoors. It’s time to adapt. Bug repellent clothes aren’t just for safaris or backwoods camping anymore – they’re an everyday need if you love the outdoors and travel as much as I do.

I'm always inspired by people who take their outdoor hobbies to the next level. So we're telling their stories with short films and adventure blog. Sign up for our newsletter and shoot us a line. We would love to hear from you!