Pang Wangle

Breezy Wide Leg Hemp Pants with Insect Shield® Bug Repellent Technology

Color: Blue Perennial

Life is a breeze in these wide-leg, deep-pocket pants with built-in odorless insect repellent. Dressed up or down, our soft hemp blend fabric will keep you cool and collected in all natural and renewable fibers. A slight ruffle at the waist elevates your everyday adventures.

Perfect for travel, outdoor dining, picnics, beach days, camping, glamping, gardening, bird watching, or lounging outside.

Fabric is 55% Hemp and 45% Tencel (derived from renewable eucalyptus trees).

Odorless Insect Shield® technology repels mosquitoes, ticks, flies, ants and midges with a small amount (0.52%) of permethrin built into the fabric fibers. Protection stays fully effective for 70+ washes. EPA approved safe for everyone, including pregnant or nursing women, infants, and pets. Easy care, just wash and wear!

/paNG waNGlə/  v.   1. To go along cheerfully despite minor misfortunes.

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