pang wangle optimist pants insect shield® bug repellent leggings organic cotton in audubon park with sun flares in the trees       
      Pang Wangle celebrates adventure with sustainable apparel and gear for hot, buggy climates. Zika virus, Lyme disease, Dengue fever, and Malaria are real threats and on the rise. But don't let fear of biting bugs keep you trapped indoors. It’s time to adapt.
pang wangle leaf feather logo on optimist pants insect shield® bug repellent leggings in organic cotton

      Bug repellent clothes aren’t just for safaris or backwoods camping anymore. In many climates, they’re an everyday need. Insect Shield@ binds safe, long lasting, odorless bug repellent right into the fabric fibers. Compared to spraying, fogging, or topical insect repellents, Insect Shield products can help reduce overall pesticide and repellent use.

/paNG waNGlə/ verb. 1. To go along cheerfully despite minor misfortunes.

      Based in subtropical New Orleans, Louisiana, our clothes are designed for maximum versatility. Our lightweight luxe fabrics are made from natural and renewable fibers – silk, linen, organic cotton, tencel and modal.

close up of pang wangle journey scarf with logo label in soda pop green recycled soda bottles and cotton blend
Our Commitment

      We are deeply committed to reducing the negative impacts of the textile industry on our environment. From the materials we use in our fabrics to how those fabrics are made, every decision is guided by our mission to minimize waste and contribute to a healthy and productive environment.

      Our packaging is made from 100% recycled materials. Our poly bags are biodegradable. Our clothes are made in the USA.

pang wangle journey scarf in soda pop green made of recycled green soda bottle at drifter hotel in new orleans

Giving Back  

     We’re thrilled to be part of the Outdoor Foundation’s Thrive Outside initiative, connecting kids and families with meaningful outdoor experiences. We’ve pledged 5% of proceeds from every sale to help inspire and activate a new generation of outdoor enthusiasts and stewards.


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