From Hunting Prey to Nurturing Young, the Dazzling Bird Photography of A Retired Florida Art Teacher

Brenda Springfield in Ecuador

Florida wildlife photographer Brenda Springfield travels the world to capture striking images of birds caring for their young or capturing prey. She's a retired art teacher whose patience, tenacity and creativity bring birds to life in a still image.

Great Snowy Owl in Canada. Photo by Brenda Springfield.

Brenda has sat for hours camouflaged in the jungles of Ecuador. She travelled to the Canadian Badlands of Alberta to shoot the Great Snowy Owl. 

I love observing life closely. I love slowing down and giving my entire attention to a person, object, creature or situation. Everything else falls away.

In 2019 I followed a Great Horned Owl nest almost every day for six weeks.

I was there sometimes 8 hours a day or more...intently watching and photographing.

I observed incredible behavior. The experience was very rewarding and took a great deal of patience and stamina.

Brenda's advice for amateurs on capturing great photos?

Just get out there! Start observing and shooting and eventually teach yourself to shoot manually. Be patient and wait for things to happen.

Find more of Brenda Springfield's photos on Instagram @brenspringbird


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