Pang Wangle

Journey Scarf with Insect Shield® Bug Repellent

Color: Beer Bottle Brown®

Stash Your Stuff in a Hidden Zipper Pocket

Made for adventure, the bug repellent Journey Scarf has a zipper pocket that is 5 x 8 inches - large enough for most smart phones.

Built-in Insect Shield® bug repellent is odorless, safe and effective. A small amount of permethrin is bound tightly to the fabric fibers and remains fully effective for 70+ washes. Insect Shield® apparel is suitable for pregnant or nursing women, infants, children and pets. Repels mosquitos, ticks, biting flies, and noseeums.

The Journey Scarf originates in a solar-powered facility in North Carolina where discarded plastic is sorted by color. The plastic is then spun down into a fine polyester yarn and blended with cotton to create a knit jersey fabric. No carbon emissions are generated and no dyes are used - the color of the fabric comes from the recycled item.

Beer Bottle Brown is made from plastic beer bottles. Soda Pop Green, plastic 7-Up and Sprite Bottles. Rethink Pink comes from ketchup bottles and cotton. Food Tray Black? You got it.

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