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Journey Scarf with Insect Shield® Bug Repellent


Stash Your Stuff in a Hidden Zipper Pocket

      The Journey Scarf is a lightweight, bug repellent travel scarf made from recycled fabric with a hidden zipper pocket. Stylish, versatile, and truly one of a kind.

      Wear it over your shoulders as a wrap, cover your head as a vintage hood, double or single loop it. Made in the USA.

      Soft and light recycled fabric from Earthspun®. Single color discarded plastic items are recycled into fine polyester yarn and blended with cotton to create 6 unique colors without ever using dyes.


  • Beer Bottle Brown® SOLD OUT
  • Soda Pop Green®  SOLD OUT
  • Food Tray Black® SOLD OUT
  • Clear Bottle White®
  • Rethink Pink® (from recycled ketchup bottles) SOLD OUT
  • Water Bottle Blue® SOLD OUT

        Insect Shield® lasts for 70+ washes and is recommended for the entire family, including pregnant and nursing mothers, children and pets. Repels mosquitos, ticks, biting flies, and noseeums.Bug repellent clothing is recommended by both the CDC and World Health Organization.

         The Journey Scarf originates in a solar-powered facility in North Carolina where discarded plastic is sorted by color. The plastic is then spun down into a fine polyester yarn and blended with cotton to create a knit jersey fabric. No carbon emissions are generated and no dyes are used - the color of the fabric comes from the recycled item.

         Beer Bottle Brown is made from plastic beer bottles. Soda Pop Green, plastic 7-Up and Sprite Bottles. Rethink Pink comes from ketchup bottles and cotton. Food Tray Black? You got it.

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