The Perfect Pairing | Bug Repellent Essential Wrap & Featherlight

The Dynamic Duo of Effortless Insect Protection: Essential Wrap + Featherlight Infinity Scarf with Insect Shield®

Enjoy endless styling options with our versatile bug repellent duo. Makes a unique and thoughtful gift - for you or someone you care about. 

    • Featherlight Infinity with Insect Shield®| Ultra-light washable silk blend scarf is the elegant solution to biting insects. Perfect for outdoor weddings, brunch, tropical travel, or anywhere the bugs will bug you.

    • Essential Wrap with Insect Shield® | Large wrap is made of soft recycled cotton and drapes effortlessly across your shoulders, around the waist as a sarong, or covering your head and neck.

Keep one, gift one. Or keep them both. You'll need them!