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Hippie Golf. Frolf. Disc Golf. Friendly Competition in a Town Near You

Disc gold pro shane seal frisbee champion outdoor sports

Ask pro disc golfer Shane Seal why he loves the sport and its: camaraderie, diversity, travel. This is a friendly sport for a friendly guy. A competitive guy. “I like to say, I don’t always play in tournaments but when I do, I am looking to win.”

disc golf course rooster on the course basket lafreniere park metairie

Lafreniere Park in Metairie, Louisiana. Disc golfers must be patient. Courses are usually free but they are often shared. 

Disc golf is similar to ball golf. You tee off at a designated spot and then continue to throw until you get your disc into the basket. “My wife doesn’t really play disc golf but she comes and plays with me and she probably has more fun than I do. She’s just out here enjoying the scenery.”

backhand disc golf skill in lafreniere park louisiana

Seal has been ranked as high as 4th in the world and is undefeated in his last four tournaments. By day, he’s a system engineer for Apple in schools throughout Louisiana and Mississippi. But when that bell rings... “Schools close up at 4 o’clock. Those are my customers so then I’m looking for the local course in whatever town I’m in.”

disc golf discs pro louisiana

Find a Disc Golf Course near you. Most towns in the US have a league. The fast growing sport is played in 40 countries.

Disc Golf 101. Seal teaches it. He designed the curriculum for Pearl River Community College in Mississippi and helped launch a scholarship program there. “Disc sports have given me a lot of confidence,” says the former introvert. “Now I just walk up and say, hey can you tell me where hole one is? Would you mind if I tag along?” Seal is sponsored by Discraft. 

ultimate frisbee

Shane Seal started as a disc golfer by playing ultimate frisbee

Feeling confident? The Southern Nationals Amateur Championship is in Lafreniere Park in Metairie, Louisiana on May 19-20th, 2018. Here is a list of disc golf terms so you can speak the lingo.


  • Why not call it Frisbee Golf? Because ‘Frisbee’ is a licensed trademark.
  • The sport was invented in 1926 in Saskatchewan, Canada by school boys with tin lids.
  • Disc golf is the 4th fastest growing sport in United States, behind MMA, Roller Derby, and Parkour.

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  • Rickey Crochet

    I’m 56 and just discovered disc golf 4 years ago , wished I would have discovered it sooner . I’m totally addicted ,playing several times a week . Love being outdoors ,love the exercise,really enjoying meeting and playing with other disc golfers. I encourage all my friends to Try it and invite them with me with some success.Glad to see it growing here in the New Orleans Metro area!

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